I am Happy

Tears streamed down my face even as the words left my mouth;
Those were tears from the deep recesses of my heart;
Not the shallow logic of my mind;
Those were tears of the oppressed and bound;
But are not to me anymore;
It might not look it, but truly, I am happy.

My soul heaved and my spirit was revived;
In the presence of a Love so profound it defied understanding;
Doubt lost its place and Peace showed her face;
So long have I been lost, and so steep the cost;
Resolve so strong fills me up, a strength as yet unknown to me;
I have never known such joy.

Called by Grace and granted Faith;
To be close enough to the Creator to feel His breath again.
Set to recover the position and purpose once lost;
To worship He who deserves it in truth and spirit.
Abiding in the shadow of His wings of protection;
Here, is the dwelling place of Bliss.

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