I Believe

I believe in God the Father
The Alpha and the Omega
The Creator of the universe
And all that is in it.
The One who made the Earth
And filled it with life.
The One who made man in His likeness
And gave him life.
The One who made the ultimate sacrifice
For the weakest of His creation.

I believe in His Son, Jesus Christ
His Word, through which He made all that He made.
The Son whose death
Brought salvation to men who sorely needed it.
The One whose resurrection
Granted power to the powerless.
The Son, whose ascension
Signalled the descent of the ultimate Helper.

I believe in His Spirit
That came to guard and guide the hearts of man reborn.
Whose presence guarantees peace and strength
And breeds joy and love and patience.

I believe I am the child of God
Loved by my Father
Bought by the blood of His Firstborn
Protected by His Spirit
And granted power by His Word.

I believe He has a place for me by His side;
A purpose for me here on Earth;
And given me the strength to overcome all obstacles.

I believe, that you ought to believe:
That God made you, and loves you as He does me;
That in Him, you will find peace and rest;
That with Him, you will be unshakable.

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