The Call

Mercy calls, Mercy calls, Mercy calls;
Who shall respond?
Grace abounds, Grace abounds, Grace abounds;
Who shall partake?

The embodiment of Peace once walked this land;
Who will acknowledge?
Salvation came and Deliverance stayed;
Who will receive them?

Wisdom cries out intermittently;
Why am I forsaken?
Time watches with urgency and despairs;
Why am I ignored?

There’s a voice that speaks of truths intangible;
Who will take heed?
Faith braves scepticism and appeals to the deep;
Who will believe?

A voice responds from the deep,
I will, I will, I will;
Though I am undeserving;
Please, let me be found worthy by Grace,
That I may find some respite,
And be rid of my folly and the doubts that strangle me.

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