This Heart of Mine

This heart of mine won’t let me have any peace.
See, there it goes chasing after another butterfly.
It flutters in the wind, dancing now,
Then throwing a tantrum in the next – ah,
There it goes falling head over heels. [sigh]

This heart of mine has a mind of its own.
Yeah, it is the mind of a three-year-old, but a mind nonetheless,
And probably the worst kind to deal with…well, more or less.
There it goes again, trying to get a hold of the next new thing,
Sinking its chubby fingers into every little petty thing…just name it.

This heart of mine needs some discipline…
“Yay, some discipline”, it echoes whilst chasing a moth into a furnace.
I wonder if it knows what ‘discipline’ is.
This heart of mine will be the death of me…[sigh]
Oh, wow, it says it agrees…and what? It would all be my fault?!
[sigh] Yeah, this heart of mine has it in for me.

This heart of mine won’t stay close,
There it goes running all over the place again.
This heart of mine won’t let sleeping dogs lie,
It digs up old pains and squirms pitifully in the hurt.
This heart of mine has got desires,
Oh, such lofty desires and outrageous dreams.
This heart of mine has fury not unlike a woman scorned.
Oh, you wouldn’t want to feel its fiery breath when it’s in high gear,
The destruction it unleashes is mostly hidden and utterly desolating,
But it finds this unsatisfactory, calls it merely debilitating.

I hate to admit it, but some of the plans it proposes terrify me…
You know, like telling me to “just sleep for a couple more hours,
…that was a really nice dream we were having,
…being late for work isn’t a big deal,
…in-fact missing work today shouldn’t be a problem…”
[sigh] This heart of mine…

This heart of mine flips another page,
In this book of the seemingly eternal struggle
Between the heart and the mind.
I have met Christ, and this heart of mine has been tamed.
This heart of mine now learns to love unconditionally like Christ does.
It has learned to be steadfast and discerning.
This heart of mine has grown into a worthy companion,
For it has accepted a tenant – Christ, and the Holy Spirit of God.
This heart of mine has been influenced and transformed,
By the goodness that flows from the Father’s heart.
This heart of mine is no longer mine alone,
Because Grace found it when it stumbled upon the Father’s love,
As it heard the call it had been waiting and searching for unknowingly.
This heart of mine has found Peace in Love and Joy in Faith.
This heart of mine will no longer be moved even by storms and tempests.
This heart of mine is home, and not alone.

4 thoughts on “This Heart of Mine

  1. Psalms 73:26  My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.

    1 John 3:20  For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart, and knoweth all things.


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