Each Day, He is

It is the little things and the big things;
It is the sleepless nights and dreary days;
That shave and chafe the will;
Even as He mends and heals my ills.

In my weakness and my perceived strength;
In scarcity and seeming abundance;
You Lord, are always there and same;
To raise up and substantiate;
To provide and humble.

When I was in bondage, Your sacrifice brought release.
When I stupidly put myself on a leash,
You transform my mind and let me know I’m free.
When I find myself ignorantly in a noose,
You gently tell me it’s loose,
All I need do is step out,
Come out and stand out.

Lord, You truly baffle me,
Just as much as You dazzle me.
There are days when You rattle me;
But deep down I know…You’ve settled on me.

So, with joy in my heart and praise on my lips;
Secured in Him, I will go where He leads.
For when the burdens of life bring me to my knees;
In His presence He bids me rise;
And my yoke He takes and smiles.

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