The lines have been drawn,
And suddenly, sides must be taken.
In realms seen and unseen battles are undertaken.
In places dark and murky a light has shown.
Resolutions must be made in the plains of inconsistencies.

Hear, oh hear, the call to stand:
In fellowship, in communion, in clarity of purpose;
With love, and grace, and unity in spirit;
Forsaking pride, and strife, and the vulnerability of solitude.

See, oh see, the need to be:
Where perfection comes to be;
Made in truth and grace in harmony;
Where love always is – pure and whole.

Feel, oh feel, the Presence that draws:
To purge, sift, refine and define;
To mold, heal, transform and reform;
To use, bless, empower and reveal.

Lines have been drawn and sides have been taken.
Strategies have been outlined and victory is assured.
Parts have been assigned and can be played to perfection,
In truth and grace and unity of fellowship.

Here, the question isn’t to be or not to be.
Neither is it how far or how fast.
It is why and how.
It is a decision to be, and the choice to seek.
It is the will to accept, and the desire to grow.
It is how ‘you’ and ‘I’ become ‘us’, and stay singular in thought.

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