Here and Now

And here we are…
Yes, here we are;
Caught in this fleeting period of time dubbed ‘now’;
Where all choices are made – here and now;
Whilst there’s still breath and strength.

‘Now’ isn’t just for you or me:
It is that point of singularity where all pasts meet – collapse;
It is the instant origin from which all futures spread;
It is the culmination of experience and the well of potential;
It is where the immutable ends and change begins.

So here we are, and the time is now:
To rebuild the bridges that were burned down;
To make that confession that we know deep down we ought;
To take those steps that lead to the places we envision;
To lay down those burdens that we constantly shoulder;
To let go of these fears that threaten to smother.

So here we are, and the time is now:
To stop sitting on fences, making excuses;
To start actively participating – life isn’t a spectator sport;
To stop needlessly procrastinating – time could be up any moment from now.

So here we are, and the time is now:
To see and acknowledge that choice which is;
To take the decision to step unto that Bridge that calls;
To step out of the shadows and bask in glorious Light;
To turn and do away with all the blight;
For the plight caused by blight is undone in this Light – Christ.

So when I say ‘here we are, and the time is now’,
Please understand, I’m taking a stand;
Because here and now I can make a point.
It is my wish that it points you to the Cross;
Where Christ waits with fingers crossed and bated breath.
Yes, that’s how much He anticipates your decision.
I wish you could see the urgency in His eyes.
I wish you would get close,
And see in His eyes the object of His love,
That put Him through the grueling phase we call the Cross.

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