Solemn Silence

In solemn silence, I wait and listen to hear You speak;
With intellectual sobriety, I consider Your words as they bring me wisdom;
In solemn silence, and eager patience, I wait for the manifestation of Your miracles;
In solemn silence, where Your spirit empowers, I bear to overcome;
In solemn silence, Your intentions are made known – loud and clear;
In solemn silence, I hear You breathe into me: new life, more hope, more faith, more strength;
In solemn silence, I feel Your touch: filling me with love, more patience, more grace, more peace;
In solemn silence, I hear You speak, such sweet words, incomparable to the sacrifices I make;
In solemn silence, I see You reveal, Your plans for me, beyond my imagination.

In solemn silence, because I’ve talked for far too long:
Asking for the things You’ve already provided;
Begging for the things I do not need;
Desperately desiring the very things that would destroy me;
Eagerly anticipating the beginning of the works You’ve already completed;
Tirelessly murmuring about how hard it all is;
Arguing about whose plans are better, really more convenient – yeah, I’m funny that way;
Calling for redresses, and making appeals for vindication;
Slipping up, and making a mockery of the things dear to Your heart;

In solemn silence, I find Your rest, affirm my trust, desire to grow.
In solemn silence, I wait to hear, learn to bear, prepare to receive.
In solemn silence, I come undone, become unwound, know I’m unbound.
In solemn silence, I sense Your seasons, recognize the poisons, find my reason.

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