Hear, Know, Believe.

Father, why do You feel so far,
When I know You are so close?
Why does this trouble look so overwhelming,
When I know that nothing is beyond You?
Why do I feel so down Lord,
When I know You’ve got such good and perfect plans for me?
Why, oh why, do I cry out so much,
When I know You’ve borne all my shame and distress?

Why do I feel like crying out “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani”,
When I know you forsook your Son on the cross that I may be redeemed unto You?
Lord, why do I feel so dry and thirsty,
When I know You are the spring of living waters?
Why do I feel so stuck and boxed in,
Even when I know You are the way-maker?
I know You open doors and they cannot be shut.
Why do I feel so alone,
When I know You call me child and heir and bride…Your very own?

“See child, it is the difference between knowing and believing.
What makes the difference, My heir, is the coupling of knowledge and Faith.
Even as the physical is subject to the spiritual,
So is how you feel subject to you hearing and believing the Word I speak to you.
You see, you are my bride, the apple of My eye, truly My very own;
You are My most delicate piece and I’ve granted you so much Grace.
So ‘Hear’, by all means hear;
And ‘Know’, ignorance is a canker undesired on my bride;
‘Believe’, above all believe, that I AM THAT I AM.”

Moving this pen will be useless, Father, if You do not direct these words.
Father, I want to see You turn and smile when I call you Father.
Please chastise me when I step out of line, and remind me of Your Love.
Please let me know when I please You – when You order my steps and fashion my ways.
Please teach me and direct me, that I may know You more and more.

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