Of These I’m Sure

Of these I am sure:
That the Lord is my shepherd;
That His Spirit keeps my heart pure;
That by His Grace, my cries are always heard.

For these, I stand:
The call sent out to all, answered by so few;
The sound of His voice, the conviction it brings;
The works of His hands, the beauty I can barely comprehend;
The mysteries He reveals, that the ‘wise’ fail to understand;
The assurance He has given, of good plans and glorious ends.

Of these I can testify:
That I’m loved, and bought, and cleansed;
That I’m known, and called, and saved;
That I’m made for excellence, and honour, and eternity.

Of these I’m sure:
That ‘now’ is fleeting, and ‘then’ is as immutable as it is inconsequential;
That ‘now’ is a priceless gift, too easily squandered;
That ‘now’ is what truly matters, the only place for choices;
That the harvest from seeds sown ‘now’, extend to that promised timeless future.

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