Things are not the same, and you probably don’t need me to tell you.
But sometimes, I need to consciously apprise myself of the changes occurring.
Change comes, bidden or unbidden;
Like time, it’s always in effect, with every tick of the clock;
Change always occurs, passively or actively, positively or negatively.
Some changes are ridden like waves,
Some unfortunately, we allow to tread all over us.

With life and time, there will always be change;
There are things that look impossible;
Situations that appear simply untenable;
Circumstances that look and feel incapable of improving;
Wounds that feel like they will never heal;
Vicious cycles that appear to be set in stone;
Hurts that profess to last forever, ignoring better reason.

Some changes come hardly noticed,
Like the fact that age changes every second, not just every year;
Some changes come with so much fanfare – a new year, finding a soulmate.

On the precipice of this change,
Reconciling what could have changed with what actually changed,
Gives birth to resolutions and congratulations.

In this ever-changing world, it is a blessing to be in the embrace,
Of He who is beyond the effects of time and change;
What is there to fear, when abiding in He who is able to work all things for good?
With the Father by the side of His children, change can only be for progress, each step towards His perfect will, each breath for growth to His glory.

God Bless You, and
Happy New Year.

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