My Worship

All of creation declares the glory of God;
Without words they speak;
Even stationary they show;
Just by being, they proclaim.

Will they outdo the servants of the Lord, who are called according to His purpose?
Will they be allowed to outdo the children of the Most High, bought by Blood?
Will they out-speak the royal priesthood in declaring the glory of God?
Can they manifest the Love and Grace of the Most High more than the bride of the Firstborn?
Will the inanimate be allowed to out-worship the hand-crafted masterpieces of the Creator?
Will the called and sanctified and predestined, cede their pleasure and purpose to stones?
Will these hands do nothing better than labour in the mundane and material?

I will sit and write of the works of the Lord;
His works are myriad and mysterious,
But as I have been given grace, will I write;
Of His Love, Grace, Sacrifice, Provision, Sovereignty.
Just as He crafted me will I craft these words;
His names will I write on a never-ending roll of parchment,
Even if it takes all eternity.

Then there’s the time to stand and speak;
Speak of what is written and beyond.
And as there is no end to His glory,
Will there be no end to this declaration.
If words fail, groaning will do;
If speech fails, thought will do;
I know even if all things fail, He will make all things new.

Then comes the time to sing and shout;
Bringing praise before that Throne set on high,
And to He who sits on the Throne in spellbinding Glory.
Here is worship for the One clothed in Light and Majesty;
Join the hosts of heaven in declaring, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy…’;
Together with the saints singing, ‘Oh, how Worthy…’.

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