His Presence (I)

In Your presence, I do not shout to be heard, but to be felt.
In the depths of the night when Your goodness dawns on me,
Filling me with the pressing need,
To shout so loud I can feel my eardrums quiver.
Yeah, that puts me in quite a bind;
This compulsion that fills my chest,
To sing these songs of praise just lying at the tips of my tongue;
Songs without words, just melodies so ethereal my mind can barely comprehend.
Melodies so fleetingly vague, but that feel oddly eternal.

There is this desire that rids me of sleep;
When on my bed I begin to make plans for the coming days and consider my troubles;
I realise, I might go to bed with my troubles,
But they will not wake me up;
I have made some really good plans,
But they cannot grant me rest…not the kind I want, nor the one I need;
On days like these, I am reminded of Your promises;
You rid me of sleep and grant me rest.
In Your presence, cradled in peace, soothed by Your Word, I find rest.

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