Called by Name

When everything threatens to fall apart;
When I lift up my eyes, and there seems to be nothing to see;
When I look down, and it feels like I’m standing on nothing but hot air;
When my faith is tossed, and trembling under the load of circumstances;
When I’m on the verge of running out of tears to shed,
And tear tracks have formed a speedway along my cheeks;
Oh, how quickly they fall…tell me not about how the mighty have fallen;
No, I am not a man of many sorrows, because He has called me by name.

On the brink of getting lost in this multitude of thoughts,
When every step leads to new crossroads;
In the midst of this grind that feels endless,
When progress is hidden from view,
And it’s cloudy with disappointments;
When reason becomes a prison,
And my heart threatens to commit treason;
Even in this season,
I still hear the whisper of His call,
And He calls me by name.

He called;
He is faithful, He who called;
He calls me by name, and He is Mighty that calls;
He called, and calls;
Oh, the Blood that speaks better things, calls me by name.
Why won’t I come to the King, when He calls me by name?

On the precipice of each decision;
In the very middle of the storm;
Right there on the fringes of ‘reality’;
On the brightest of days, and the darkest of nights;
Please help me remember, that He called me by name.
And I’ll tell you, “He still calls you by name”.

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