Called by His Name

What does it mean to be called a child of God?
What price is enough, to be called by His name?
I may not completely understand the depth of the mystery;
I can definitely not afford, and am unworthy of bearing the cost;
But I am called by His name, by the working of Grace.

Called by the Name of He who made the universe for His good pleasure;
And raises high and brings low as He pleases;
Whose construct is time and Whose breath is life;
Before Whose eyes nothing is hidden and beyond Whose reach nothing can be;
Whose words are eternal and Whose promises are true;
Whose judgement is just and Whose mercy is unsurpassed;

He calls me by name, and I’m called by His name;
He leaves me not destitute, for His name’s sake;
He hears, and forgives, and listens and does, for His name’s sake;
He transforms by renewing my mind, for His name’s sake;
He chastises and prunes and heals, for His name’s sake;
He blesses and adorns with goodness, for His name’s sake.

If it is an honour and a joy to be called by name,
Then what an unspeakable fortune it is to be called by His name;
“For many are called, but few are chosen”,
And it is the chosen that are called by His name.
But to be chosen, one ought to be called;
And to hear the call, one ought to listen.

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