True Beauty

True beauty is the Glory of God.
That is beauty that blinds – literally.
The Glory that leaves a mark on everything He creates;
A beauty that transforms whomever gazes upon it.
Beauty that is truly breathtaking – literally.

There is a beauty true,
That lies in sacrifice perfect –
The gruesome picture painted of Peace
Carrying the Cross of Love
Each laden step crushingly taken
That led to that outcome as pure as it is fearful.

Alas, true beauty is often masked by the mundane,
And lost on those veiled by the profane,
As seen in the persecution of the humane.
But it is still something the world cannot hope to restrain.

Sometimes I look around at this world,
And see the residues of the Glory of God,
That speak of what could have been
-What should have been-
And what will be.
We catch glimpses
-Tiny pieces that overwhelm-
We yearn for that fullness,
But cannot truly imagine it.

Is it not stunningly paradoxical,
That beauty so ridiculously complex
That it makes the smartest of minds spin
-Consider the vastness of the universe-
Can be as overawingly simple
As a child hugging a lion?

Obedience is beautiful,
In that by it, we testify of the Glory of God.
It is a beautiful thing to obey the Lord.

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