Truth be Told

Truth be told, I’m cold;
But it’s not really me, it’s my heart that’s cold;
There was a time when my heart felt like molten gold,
Impassioned with zeal and love for the Lord;
Now, here’s an empty cold vessel made of gold;
It’s laden with dust and hidden out of sight;
But out of sight, is a dangerous place to be.

Truth be told, I’m scared;
But it’s not really me, it’s my soul that’s scared;
There was a time when salvation was assured, a certain rest;
I walked in peace and faith, and carried my cross with grace;
Now, there’s a heavy burden where my cross used to be;
My soul is wracked with doubts and exists falteringly;
But this sickening place of doubt, is a perilous place to be.

Truth be told, I’m lost;
But it’s not really me, it’s my future that’s lost;
There was a time when I knew where I was…where I was headed;
I ran the good race, stayed in the tracks, and kept the finish line in sight;
Now, there’s a jumbled mess where the tracks used to be;
My sight is clouded and my reason seems blinded to my goal;
But this ‘nowhere’ I find myself, is a terrifying place to be.

Truth be told, I’m found;
Yeah, it’s really me: spirit, soul, and body;
In this very difficult place, grace gave me another chance;
When I still had breath, and was sane enough to reach out;
Now, I’m warming that vessel of gold and keeping it fit for use;
I’m back on track, and refuse to take my eyes off the prize;
But this very last stretch ahead, is a difficultly pleasant place to be.

12 thoughts on “Truth be Told

  1. Beautiful. It’s tough being honest with others, and more so, with ourselves. But, it’s better than being a hypocrite and attempting to come off flying with angelic beings in the clouds, when in fact we are floundering in the ashes of a true Jesus experience in days gone by.

    Feel a genuine spirit of humility in your words friend. Be Blessed In Jesus!

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    • Thank you, David. Indeed, I have learned that it takes a lot of grace to be honest with ourselves sometimes. But without honesty, there can be no conviction, and without conviction, true repentance is unattainable. It is my prayer, that we would always have the grace to be honest with ourselves. Stay blessed.

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