The Father’s Love

Who is bold enough to step into the heart of the Father,
And experience His agony as He gives up His beloved Son
For the return of His prodigal son and his seed?
Who is strong enough, to take in that wrenching pain
It took to forsake a suffering Son…hanging, bleeding, dying?

When the Son cried out in despair “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?”,
Do you dare to be in His place, to know and still volunteer?
Would you want to be the father that makes the choice
To give up what he loves, in order to redeem what he loves,
Knowing clearly the interim pain and despair it would bring?
Can you begin to comprehend the trembling of the Father’s heart
That shook the foundations of the earth, and tore the dividing veil?

The most ignorant participant in this divine drama of love
Turns out to be the one it was all directed towards.
For Grace found man when he was asleep, as confused
As he was desperate, and woke him up.

Praise the good Lord,
Who knew what I needed,
When I was blinded by what I wanted,
And basking in all I thought I had.
Thank You, Father, for giving what cannot be asked for,
In a measure that cannot be dreamed of.

Jesus, Lord Jesus, Your sacrifice makes me speechless,
Your willingness shames my selfishness,
Your heart unhinges my mind.
The Light of the world in a manger,
You who took the sins of the world to the cross,
And relieved death and hell of their authority;
The answer to the cry that has echoed since the fall of man.

Holy Spirit, Oh Holy Spirit, that it pleases You to dwell in me,
With all my floundering You remain patient,
And cradle and protect like the perfect mother,
And teach wisdom that confounds the wise to this babe,
And shower with gifts and fruits
-Priceless gifts and coveted fruits-
You give to this poor and hungry soul.

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