Quote #17

“Some have voices and demand to be heard, when they really have nothing to say. Some have voices and request to be heard, but never get to speak, because they tire of the whims of their audience. Some have voices and refuse to speak, because they believe everyone else to be deaf. Then there are those who speak simply in faith, heavily burdened, though apprehensive.” – Makafui.


There are many times that I’m lost for words
But there are very few times that I’m lost for words for good reason
Days like today are a good reason
But inspiration comes in many forms:
The virtual slant of the sun
The hues and blues of the sky
The silvery mistiness of the night
The soothing caress of a cool breeze
The rare quietness of the mind
The constant bumble of life
The frustrating thrill of the balancing act
The occasional stab of loss
The gentle touch of a hand
The Divine mystery of the breath that keeps life
But sometimes it’s just the thought of a day such as this
And the mothers who had, kept, and moulded us.
Sometimes I wonder why life can be so cruel,
Yet gives us the gift of mothers.
Sometimes I wonder why the world seems so big,
But the most important people to us are never out of reach.
This is a tribute, my salute
To these bearers of generational inspiration.

#Happy Mothers Day!

Prayer #3

Like incense, let the fragrance of this sacrifice of worship rise
Beyond the reach of my voice and words, even my thoughts and imaginations.
Like rain, let Your blessings fall on this parched existence I call my own
Soaking deeper than I can reach, enough to overflow, spread and stretch
Further than I can see, or hear, or broadly estimate, much less predict.