You Deserve the Best

He deserves the best, but I usually give Him the rest;
What’s left after I’ve taken what I ‘need’ and want;
I take a breath, take a bite, take a nap,
Before I consider how it’s all possible.
I take a step, get a hug, get my prize,
Then I wonder, what would He want?
He wants all of me, He deserves the best of me.

He deserves the best, but I’m held back by ‘self’ –
That thin transparent veil that just won’t split.
But I know there’s a way to give all I am,
I just need to move – take the step, uncertain as it may feel –
From the shores of ‘self’ to the seabed of surrender;
Where the declarations made by the lips cease to be vain utterances;
Deep calls to deep, in surrender;
Declarations become manifestations, in all instances.
Here He can have all I am, the very best of me,
But it’s not really me, it’s Him in me.

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