A Masterpiece

He made you, patiently knit you,
Each strand purposefully chosen;
Shades of colours, textures and strength,
His hands went over every piece,
His breath filled every part;
He looked and said, ‘It is good, it is unique,
It’s another masterpiece.’

“I love what I have made,
It is beautiful beyond compare.
I have My eyes set on you, you’re never out of My thoughts;
I keep records of your hair – their length, breadth, and number;
Nothing escapes Me – your steps, words, scars, tears, doubts;
It breaks My heart to see you wander and wonder.
I am watching, executing to perfection;
My masterpieces are perfect before they’re begun,
Complete even before they’re done;
You were made for My pleasure, My treasure;
There is nothing more precious on earth,
No gems worthier, no phenomena more fascinating,
For there’s nothing more like Me in all of creation than you.
And I have purposed to be gracious to you,
To make you the apple of My eye
Lift up your eyes and see;
I have honoured you, for none, none have their abode in Me,
None come into My presence with such boldness,
None disregard my glory, as you do.
But to you have I made a promise, call on Me, and I will answer.”

This is the day that the Lord has made…
For a masterpiece spun from His hands.

#Originally written for a good friend.

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