Prayer #5

Father, I’m parched.
I’m thirsty, when by all indications I should be drowning.
I’m famished, when I really feel I should be utterly stuffed now.
How is it Father, that ripples on these waters still rattle me?
Why do I stumble now, when I was doing alright just a while earlier?
How am I baffled now, when I felt I understood this not long ago?
Father, please, help me; For it would be a shame to get lost, in such familiar territory.

“Open up your heart…all of it.
There are still doors you’ve kept shut in My face.
Let Me in, you don’t need to wait.
You don’t need to clean it up first,
You just need to let Me in.
Let out the hot air, and you’ll begin to drown in Me like you wish.
You don’t get stuffed by watching others feast;
And really, what is the point in being stuffed,
When you don’t take the time to digest these precious morsels.
Do not rush, steady does it.
Stop focusing on the ripples, and you’ll notice there’s no reason to be rattled.
You will not stumble if you don’t harbour fear;
You will not be baffled, if not muddled by doubt;
Be still and know, that I am God. My grace abounds.”

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