His Presence (II)

“…If Your presence doesn’t go with me,
Don’t carry us up from here.”
For in Your presence is liberty,
I know because I had been bound,
In more ways than I knew how to count.
It is Your presence that makes holy,
And You found me before I knew I was looking,
Or even what I was looking for.

Here there is nothing hidden, no shades or shadows,
Not thoughts, nor motives, nor actions.
And it is here that I find Mercy, seated and exalted
Above my inadequacies, imperfections, ignorance.
But so is fearsome Justice, tenuously tempered by Mercy;
A delicate priceless balance Sovereignly achieved.
In this balance I come face to face with my true worth.

Elusive wisdom sedately sits in His presence;
What many have sought and few have found,
What many more despised for lack of understanding.
His presence breeds victory without distress,
And assures safety without limits or compromise.
Here will I make my lasting abode.

#Exodus 3:5
#Exodus 33:15
#Psalms 51:11
#Job 28:12-18

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