Be Encouraged

“Be encouraged, when the days are dreary and the nights uncertain;
When ‘life’ threatens to happen, and ‘times’ plot mischief.
Ploys and schemes, no matter how intricate,
Must bow before the simple profundity of Faith.

Be encouraged, when the smiles seem to have lost their charm;
When each step forward is heavier than the last, footing more unsure.
With breath there’s strength, and with the will comes a way;
And I am the Way, in and beyond this breath I’m strength, and I remain.

Be encouraged, you’re not alone – never have been;
On the high seas or the shores, beyond the stars or outside time.
In each place, for each season, provision is made – you’ll see;
For it pleases Me to be all you want, and supply all you need and more.”

#Originally ‘written’ for a good friend.

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