First Anniversary

Thank You

I’m not very big on anniversaries, but though I was quite busy yesterday, I kept feeling that I had forgotten something really important. Well, I remembered today (let’s blame it on my ‘excellent’ memory), that yesterday marked the first anniversary of this part of my journey on WordPress. And I must say it is an uncommon honour and my distinctive pleasure, to have had you all join in, one way or the other, in this journey. God bless you for reading, sharing, subscribing, commenting, liking, and the encouragement.

In view of this, today, I’ll just present a recap (links and excerpts) of fifteen posts (in no particular order). Most of them are from the ‘most viewed’ or ‘most liked’ posts, but a few are some that I believe deserve a bit more attention than they’ve received. Please feel free to click on the links (titles) for the full posts.

Thank you for indulging me. I pray that you stick around, and be expectant, as I am, of what’s still in store. And please do say a prayer for me when you can; that would be immensely appreciated. Once again, God bless you.

1. Who is

…That the Creator of the universe,
Would give His only begotten Son as a sacrifice,
To bring His lost creation back into His fold.
This is the highest form of love I know.
I do not claim to understand it,
But I gratefully accept it.

2. Solemn Silence

In solemn silence, because I’ve talked for far too long:
Asking for the things You’ve already provided;
Begging for the things I do not need;
Desperately desiring the very things that would destroy me;

3. Beauty Lies

Beauty, they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder.
…Do you see my strength, my poise, my propriety?
…Do you recognize my voice, my silence, my writing?
…Maybe we do see better with our eyes closed:…

4. State, Attitude

Dancing on edges
Flirting with fringes
Numb to the fear of falling
Hooked to the thrill of just being
On the edge of the many fringes of reality

5. My Prayer

To the hope of this calling true,
May my heart be stuck, as if by glue;
…Of these voices and tosses, of dissent and circumstances,
May I remain oblivious, willfully uncomprehending;…

6. The Measure of Worth (I)

If the measure of worth was the weight of responsibilities,
Worth would be a burden, a stigma, a cross without grace,
Something to be discarded with relief when convenient.

7. The Measure of Worth (II)

True fulfillment can only be achieved by the application of wisdom in setting priorities, reading between the lines, sifting through the sands of knowledge, and resisting the crippling tendencies of excesses, all against the backdrop of eternity and purpose.

8. The Pen And The Sword (I)

So as I hold this pen, I’m forced to consider,
Indeed the pen is mightier than the sword.
But it’s not really about the pen
But we who so skillfully wield it.

9. Of These I’m Sure

…That ‘now’ is fleeting, and ‘then’ is as immutable as it is inconsequential;
That ‘now’ is a priceless gift, too easily squandered;
That ‘now’ is what truly matters, the only place for choices;
That the harvest from seeds sown ‘now’, extend to that promised timeless future.

10. Tale of Life

This life is a tale
Of loss and gain
And joy and pain
All in season
And some we imprison

11. When I Call You Father

…Because every so often there’s an understanding smile,
When I’m expecting palpable rage;
Because sometimes I’m groping in the dark, lost, tired, and alone,
And you come along with a flashlight and ask if I want a piggyback ride.

12. But A Breath

I do not contest against my ignorance,
Nor do I argue against my inadequacy.
I do not deny that I desire to be a saint,
Nor do I not realise the fear I harbour
Of falling short – far too short.

13. I’ve Heard Enough

I’m told he’s tired,
Dares not rest, but doesn’t know why.
There’s a void that must be filled, but with what?
So he experiments, with things whose value he can’t ascertain.

14. Truth be Told

Truth be told, I’m cold;
But it’s not really me, it’s my heart that’s cold;
…Truth be told, I’m scared;
But it’s not really me, it’s my soul that’s scared;
…Truth be told, I’m lost;
But it’s not really me, it’s my future that’s lost;

15. Sometimes…

…But you do not see nearly enough;
How the little deviations can change the entire outline of this perfect design;
How every little step backwards distorts the frame of resolution;
How the repeated rejections keep us so far apart,
Even after I’ve built this bridge;
How the choices you give yourself are not the only choices available to you;


10 thoughts on “First Anniversary

  1. boateng Wendy says:

    …worth celebrating. Cheers to more inspiration and motivation. The Lord continually lead you to purpose. Keep writing…I can’t wait for the tenth anniversary.

    Liked by 1 person

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