Strangers, Friends

Hello Stranger,
You look like you could use a rest;
Why don’t we be friends? I could help sate your thirst.
Lend me a bit of your time, and I’ll share with you the most precious thing I have – Life in abundance.

You are gorgeous beyond words, strong beyond estimation. I know this to be true, but I don’t see it, not yet. I know how much you’re worth, and it’s got nothing really to do with you, but what has already been paid. I’ve got in hand a simple valid receipt that says you’re priceless, but the elaborately designed price-tag on you says ‘worthless’.

You move with steady steps with your eyes closed, but falter when you allow yourself to see. It’s so much easier to run cheerily into a wall with protruding spikes when you don’t know it’s there, isn’t it? It might be easier, but the consequence isn’t any less painful or fatal. But I’ve got an alternative for you, seeing or not seeing isn’t the issue, it is about true understanding. It is about that Light that shines on the path, bringing clarity and purpose to every step.

This life isn’t an end in itself nor is it an answer. Death isn’t an escape or an end. Life isn’t the best and death isn’t the worst, they are paths we all must walk. What this life really is, is the opportunity to make choices; and what death is, is a termination of the period for the privilege called choice. There is a paramount choice we all need to make, a choice that can not and should not be relegated or delegated. Carefully choose, after you’ve understood what the stakes are.

I love you Friend, and I’m not the only one. There is One who loved you enough to give up His life to give you the chance to choose, not between ‘a rock and a hard place’, but between ‘true Life and true Death’. There are others who through daunting sacrifices have made it possible for strangers like you and I, to know that such an avenue exists. Then there’s me, and others like me who ‘freely’ share what we’ve found, so that strangers might become friends.

#Romans 10

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