Christmas (An Acrostic)

Many hearts and minds, with hands and lips,
Everything that has not breath, and some that do,
Rejoice at the Gift from above, come to
Reclaim all of creation – salvage via salvation;
Yea, herein lies the mystery of the gift of grace.

Come to the river of life, the wellspring of eternity;
Hail on bended knees with grateful hearts the King who
Reigns with power and might, with meekness and love.
Illumination is hereby on darkness pressed, and thirst thereby flooded;
Scripture fulfilled, here comes Hope for the future, crowned;
Total transformation – the potential hidden in the cry of a baby, in a
Manger, decked with Glory before, laurelled with hay at birth,
Allegiance to him despised by the adornment of thorns at death; this
Story, is one of Joy, Love, the greatest gift, the highest honour, marred by pain.


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