Raised to Run

One foot in front of the other;
On a diet of milk and honey,
Easy does it, they say,
That’s how to walk.

A bit faster now, they say, come;
Join in the feast of meat and hard bones,
Now, that’s how it’s done, from the walk to the run,
Yes, progress is the course to run in the ultimate race.

Raised to run, from Death to Life, along a narrow path;
From the usual to the supernatural, mediocrity to excellence;
Corruption and destruction to integrity, indolence to diligence,
Infidelity to faithfulness, apathy to compassion – divine empathy.

Raised to run, from deserts and swamps to streets of gold;
You get all the support you need when running with giants.
From vast terrifying shores to narrow dangerous bridges,
Vertiginous heights to sickening depths to enticing plains;
There is always a Companion, a Guide even for places untrodden;
And a quickening when the going gets tough and the run monotonous.

Raised to run, as a banner, a light blazing through the darkness.
Raised to stand, as pillars, watchtowers for each generation.
Raised to raise, to reflect, to give as given, instruct, exemplify.
Raised to be witnesses, saints and giants, martyrs and heroes.

#Hebrews 12:1-6
#I Corinthians 9:23-27
#II Timothy 4:7
#Acts 20:24
#Romans 8:11

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