Ancient Words

“I have loved thee with an everlasting love,
And I have stretched thy boundaries,
Even as I have stretched the heavens,
Wheresoever the soles of thy feet toucheth…

I have blessed, and who curseth?
Art there divinations and enchantments that do counter Mine words?
Will Mine ears hearken unto the calls that plead thy downfall;
Or will I smite in sore anger Mine tabernacle of Grace?

Rise, and stand thou before Me as princes and priests,
Garbed in holy, stainless, divinely knit raiment;
I have called thee servants, then friends, now sons and daughters;
Will thou not hearken unto Mine voice,
Or dost thou not hear Me? Rise!

I have waited upon thee, My beloved;
I planned and purposed before the earth’s foundation wert laid,
That thou wouldst be Mine, and soon thou wilt be with Me;
And wouldest thou not wait upon Me a little while?
Fear not; For I am with thee even to the end…”

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