My Name Is Grace

My name is Grace, Amazing Grace, we haven’t been introduced yet.
It’s a pleasure to meet you. Give me a minute or two, will you?
I’ve got a pitch prepared, but more than that, I’ve got reviews.

I’m in the business of transformations – total makeovers;
From ashes to beauty, from pauper’s rags to royal robes;
From death to life, anxiety to peace, hunger to satisfaction.

I take what has been discarded, forgotten, condemned, destroyed;
I remember to dust off, pardon, restore, comfort, assure, protect.
I preserve what is mine, and seek for more to make mine and pamper.

I was born from a gruesome sacrifice for a pressing predestined purpose:
To make beautiful what has become desolate, and raise up the fallen;
To make the hitherto impossible possible by paying a price unmatchable.

I know how to turn mourning into dancing, wipe tears, turn frowns to smiles;
I know how to carry heavy burdens; Give me all your baggage, every weight;
And take this lightweight survival kit I’ve prepared; It has all you need.

I’ve been told that I’m sweet, but you’ll need to taste and see;
I’m a wonder to some, a mystery to others, a hoax to many, a reality to all.
I leave my doors open; I reach out and call; I knock, and knock, and knock.

Please call on me sometime, there’s a lot we need to discuss:
Things to do, places to go, people to meet, conflicts to resolve,
Lives to bless; but so little time. Call me soon. I’ll be waiting.

-Amazing Grace.

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