The Return (I)

“We’ve come full circle, haven’t we?
In the beginning you were Mine, and I loved you.
I adored and pampered you; you had My presence,
Saw My face, heard My voice. I spoke to you
Among the trees like one to his beloved,
With whispers, and caresses, and warnings;
You were lovely, and innocent and glorious;
You made Me smile, because I looked at what I had made,
And knew it was good; Without blemish, not lacking
In purpose or power, in beauty or wisdom, in love or grace.
You were My delight, My treasure, My pleasure.

Then you left with such abruptness.
I had warned you, but you lent your ears
To the sibilant whispers of one who hated you and I;
Allowed into your heart the thought
That I had withheld something from you;
You believed that My voice came to you
On the dews of dawn laced with deceit;
That My desire to have fellowship with you
Was a ploy to imprison you in ignorance;
That after I’d made you in My image
And breathed My breath into you,
There was something more to be done for you to be like Me.

Are you so cruel as to poison yourself to drive Me away;
Are you so heartless as to collude with he who sought My throne
And split My host; He dared to, so do you dare also?
Did My voice sound weak when I descended with the dusk
And whispered to you the plans I had for you
And the promises and packages I had prepared;
Or did I stutter when I warned you
Of the power I had given you to choose what you will,
And the eternal rewards and damning penalties attached;
Will you discard the garments of glory I made for you
And cloth yourself in the rags of shame;
Will you hide and point fingers when I come seeking?

Alas, the choice was made –
Irrevocable by the edicts of free-will…”


#Jeremiah 15
#Genesis 3

2 thoughts on “The Return (I)

  1. Wow! What a read. I was all “ah such beautiful words…” until the second stanza. Then it became deep and serious and intense. Didn’t see that plot twist coming.
    If the thought of ever abruptly abandoning my Father has even dared cross my mind, after this read the thought has vanished for it’ll be my loss.
    Your message is loud and clear.
    Amazing one!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you Cyn. I think there are a couple more twists coming…stay tuned. God bless you for the feedback and the assertion. It is always good to take time off to reflect and reaffirm our stance with the Father, for we sometimes forget way too easily. Do stay blessed.

      Liked by 1 person

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