The Return (II)

“Alas, the choice was made –
Irrevocable by the edicts of free-will.
Though it broke My heart many times over,
I watched as you left, dejected yet prideful;
Such pride as is borne of ignorance and presumptuousness.
I witnessed the corruption of perfections once more;
Took in at a glance the full extent of the cracks and flaws
Skillfully injected into My impeccable design.

The enemy thought My love would be turned away by the stains,
But I have loved you with an everlasting love as I have declared;
Though you vex Me generation after generation even more sorely,
And test the limits of My long-suffering and compassion;
For you love to wander, and trample upon My advances,
Then turn around to beseech Me for deliverance.

You do not see nor seek My face, and do not hear when I call;
You brought Me to wrath with your irreverence and fickleness,
And to the brink of your utter destruction with your wickedness.
You disregard My words and ordinances and destroy My gifts;
Some you persecute and frustrate, others you torture and kill;
But I keep waiting on you and sending these gifts,
To cause you to turn from a path that leads to certain destruction.

Why do I love when I know how much it hurts to love you;
When you choose to remain utterly oblivious to My sacrifice?
Why do I wait on you even as the entirety of creation groans;
Waiting for a certain manifestation, a turning around, a return?
Why did I make plans for your ending even before your beginning;
When you push and shove and claw your way to frustrate your soul?
Why do you resist Me when I call you to come reason with Me,
That I may take away your reproach and cause you to stand before Me
Without shame, that you may look upon Me without a veil, and I on you
with favour, for My name’s sake?

How it saddens me to watch you sow seeds in darkness,
That grow and bloom with much toil, only to bring forth rotten fruits…”


#Jeremiah 14,
#Jeremiah 15,

2 thoughts on “The Return (II)

  1. “Why do I love when I know how much it hurts to love you;”
    No truer words have been said than this.
    It reminds me of the verse that says He proved His love for us that while we were yet sinners, He died for us.
    He loves so unconditionally that He doesn’t mind taking the hurt. His love is so unfailing and unwavering that even when we backslide and hurt Him, His arms are still wide open ready to welcome and accept us in. What manner of love!
    Your post is a great reminder of the forgiving and loving and kind and compassionate nature of our Father.
    It’s a beautiful yet painful read. Because you really brought to life what He does for our sake even when it’s undeserved.

    Liked by 1 person

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