Are There Enough…? (II)

I’ve hungered and thirsted for expression;
Let Your manifest presence descend and remain,
Even as our worship ascends in harmony;
For You abide in the praises of Your people,
And are faithful and merciful, gracious and mighty.

Are there appellations worthy and enough,
To describe the entirety of Your awesome being,
To exemplify the diversity and magnitude of Your glory,
Or capture the essence of Your love and goodness?
For You defy boundaries and understanding,
And delight in surprising those whose hopes
Are set on You with minds and hearts unflinching.

Are there voices melodious enough,
To do justice to Your songs with skill;
To raise and sustain notes with finesse,
And seamlessly run across octaves and keys,
Beats, time-steps and drum-rolls?
Oh, how I long to hear heaven’s choir.

Are there words enough,
To console me when I’m broken before You,
On my knees by choice and necessity,
Before Your holy altar of mercies,
Where I sacrifice my desires for Your will,
And sing with a heavy heart of Your greatness,
Till Joy bubbles up like a spring long repressed?

Oh do pardon me when I’m lost for words;
When my tongue goes stiff and my voice fails;
For a single tongue is woefully inadequate,
And a million more might not be much better.

Please excuse the uncomeliness of my face
When I sob at Your beautiful feet,
Where I smash my heart of an alabaster box,
Though I lack the hair to clean-up after myself.

#Psalms 22:3
#Isaiah 40:1
#Psalms 119:50
#Mark 14:3
#Luke 7:38

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