I Want You; Come To Me (I)

“I want you to smell of the incense of purity;
To be the sweet smelling fragrance of excellent sacrifices;
To be the spices that make the unique blend for the oils
That perfume My tabernacle and pervade my temple.

I want you to be the fruits that remain – without rot;
Nurtured by the crystal clear waters that flow from My throne;
And be the beautiful leaves that bring healing to the nations;
Because you are directly attached to the Tree of Life.

I want you to take from Me – stretch forth your hands;
Open your mouths wide, and I’ll fill it with abundance;
Yearn for Me and I’ll come to you in such weighty fullness,
That you would be stuporously drunk though soberly sane.

I want you to meet with Me before sunrise
In that secret place only you and I know and honour;
Where we can talk for hours without being disturbed;
I want to hear your voice, and I want My voice
To be the first thing you hear each day’s dawn.”

#Exodus 30:22-32
#Revelations 22:1


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