A Father’s Loss (II)

These are words I couldn’t share before,
Trapped in a growing earthen mould not yet equipped
To express the gravity of the thoughts that linger
And roam in the depths of this immortal soul.

I’ve seen things stranger than fiction
And heard things that cannot be put into words
I’ve taken steps falteringly, seemingly aimlessly
To a destination that couldn’t be surer.

Released from my mortal confines, my one regret
Is that I’m unable to ease your pain or return your love;
Though I longed to so terribly, to say more than just ‘Papa’;
Wondered often if you’d like it if I lifted you up too sometime.

It was no accident, that I came and left
In as brief a period of time as I did;-
Like a lighted match in a cold wind;
Though all life is as short and uncertain.

I’ll wait for you, and I’ll be cheering you on;
There are better days to come, filled with peace.
You will not forget me, but you’ll remember me with joy;
That you had a son, who loved you, but had to leave too soon.
That little Adriel is your number one fan amongst the clouds;
Waiting earnestly and patiently for his Momma and Papa;
To be their tour guide when they finally arrive,
And take them round through bejewelled doors.


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