I Want You; Come To Me (II)

“Come to Me, with all your cares and burdens;
I am able, and desire to give you rest from all shackles;
To take away the stained wrinkled rags that cloth with shame;
These chains you carry do not befit My bride.

Draw close to Me; Abide in My presence patiently;
I want to share secrets and mysteries with you;
Wait on me to receive all that I have for you,
Gifts I’d prepared since the foundations of the earth.

I want to see you smile from the heart,
Where My statutes and precepts have been ingrained,
Engraved on the heart of flesh by the hand of Truth;
Kept hidden as seeds, but bearing fruits that cannot be hid.

Come to Me as you are; That is My call, that you come;
For in My presence is fullness of joy and liberty;
And know that none leaves My presence the same;
For by seeing My glory you are transformed.”

#Matthew 11:28
#Psalms 16:11
#II Corinthians 3:17-18

#Continued from…

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