I Want You; Come To Me (IV)

“This is an ancient call framed with the urgency of the times;
Don’t stagnate; Don’t give up; Don’t drift from Me; Don’t hide;
Do not trade the sounds of Heaven for profane babblings;
Do not leave your post, discard your armour, or forget your place.

Rise up, reach out and take My outstretched arms;
You have sought for Me enough in all the wrong places;
But I’ve been waiting for you to seek with all your heart.
See, I see your desires, frustrations, and pains;
But you remain blind to the provisions I’ve made for you.

There’s a path that seems right to men, but the end?
‘There’s a path that no bird of prey knows,
That the eyes of the falcon have not seen,
That proud animals have not walked on,
Nor have fierce lions passed by….’
There’s a path that can only be walked on by lambs;-
Lambs led as if to the slaughter;
It is the path of hidden wisdom leading to glory,
And it is the path that leads to Me.
Would you still come?

Kings and princes have come along this path,
Some dancing, some broken, some weeping;
Trailing behind them sweet smelling sacrifices,
Some lingering through eternity.
I want you; Will you still come?”

#Jeremiah 29:13
#Proverbs 14:12
#Job 28:7-13
#Isaiah 53:7

#Continued from…

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