Sounds Of The Day

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There’s a sound that echoes from the earth on days like today;
It spans the spectrum of the audible to the inaudible,
And emanates from the animate and the inanimate.
It is such a unique breathtaking sound:
A rolling, roaring, rushing, rising, whirling, spreading,
Bubbling, soul-stirring, ascending cascade of thoughts and postures;
A sound tellingly tangible and very visible in the right light.
It is filled with demands, accusations, confessions, flatteries,
Mirth, sadness, pain, reverence, disdain, affront, gratitude;
And an inexhaustible list of other states of the human condition,
Together with the various states and cries of nature.

I wonder what my part is in this potpourri…
What substance have I contributed consciously or unconsciously?
Ought it not be gratitude – reverent, pure and abundant;
Ought it not be praise – unending, sweet-smelling and glorious;
Ought it not be worship – on bended knees, with lifted hands;
Ought it not be far more than I’ve given, beyond what I have attested to?
Must they be confined to the heart, or roll off my tongue without passion,
Must they be unknowable from my semblance, undecipherable from my gait;
Must they be dragged from my soul with nets and hooks and enticements;
Must they be stained by the muddy waters upon which they ride?

I’ve always dreaded the day it would come –
The day words would fail me.
Some call it “Writer’s block”, I call it ‘Today’;
But even when words fail me, Grace doesn’t.
Grace takes the ‘blankness’ and starts to list and polish…
Little things, big things, unimaginable things,
Things taken for granted; Things whose worth had not been understood.
Things so weighty one would think words would not be able to describe.
Grace writes till there is no more space…
Grace says: “Be grateful for Love, for Life, for Peace…
For so many things not sold, and that cannot be bought;
And be grateful for “Writer’s block” and days like ‘Today’,
Or you wouldn’t know I could write better than you.”


4 thoughts on “Sounds Of The Day

  1. You’re so good with words it’s fascinating and beautiful to read. I love your take on Grace taking over when words fall short…
    That last paragraph is wonderful.
    Grace reminds us that we ought to remain grateful always.
    Happy glorious New Year!! Wishing you a marvelous 2020.

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