Tribute To My Muse

My muse is a beautiful maiden, the most ravishing demoiselle;
Exquisite beyond description; Wise beyond compare – without peer;
Her smile carries the sun, the moon, the stars, every source of light;
Her words are soothing, sublimely subtle,
Poignantly apt, incisively noninvasive, completely compelling;
She is the perfect picture of contradictions dressed in paradoxes,
Crowned with the ultimate enigma, surrounded by barely unveiled mysteries;
Her steps are silent, even the dust isn’t disturbed if she wills it so.
She walks with the grace of a majestic feline,
And the stately elegance of a sunrise.

She’s a difficult mistress oftentimes,
Frugal with inspiration and coy with follow-ups;
She’s the quintessential tease when in a foul mood,
But catch her in a good mood and she drowns you into insensibility –
She sets a fire hither and starts a flood tither,
Raises an army of zombies and sets them against a floating castle
Made of unfulfilled dreams and unfulfilling achievements;
Quizzes an army of sphinxes into madness,
Then bestows sanity upon them with a snap of her fingers.
She runs circles around light on a foot,
Whilst singing in rhyme to lull time to sleep.

She stirs up a storm in a teacup with a light breath
And watches as I struggle and battle with waves upon waves
Of inspiration, random thoughts, deeply buried desires,
Secrets, shameless monsters, and long lost treasures.
I come out drenched and panting, battered and hurt
But alive; Anchor dropped in the middle of nowhere,
Ship lighter but messier, sails torn and ropes strained.

I both love it and hate it when she does that…
It should be quite obvious why I hate it;
But more importantly, I love it because I come out
Stronger, Calmer, Lighter, Wiser and Richer.
Especially priceless are the pearls of wisdom
That end up strewn on deck, the diamonds of truth
That are painful to step on, and the nuggets of gold
That tend to lodge in unlikely places…valuables galore.
Because as she rightly says, ‘There are some treasures
That can be obtained only when the waters are stirred.’

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