Making God Laugh

“What would it take to make God laugh?”
The question strolled humorously through my mind.
If there ever was a ‘drunken’ thought, this was it.
Looks like my muse is on a cruise – vacation blues.

I’ve heard this saying before,
“Man plans, and God laughs.”
Well, I’m quite the planner;- in all modesty.

So, cheers to giving God the biggest laugh of the century.

#Proverbs 19:21

4 thoughts on “Making God Laugh

  1. boateng Wendy says:

    Wait….what?…it ended?…Lol. I thought we were just getting started with the piece… Anyway, I think it’s good to make others laugh so let’s get God laughing…I think He likes to laugh…cheers to more planning. God bless you. Keep writing

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