Barely Three Decades: Sights and Sounds in Words

It began with weak breath – presumed death;
Then serendipity brought hope that led to disappointment.
But desperate faith called forth something unlikely –
The gradual correction of an apparent design flaw
Hidden from view, known to few, but with lasting effects.
These are matters of the heart…literally.

There’s One who is perfect in all things – even in flaws.
Unfortunately, on this side of creation we tend to look
Through the wrong end of the telescope – missing the big picture.
But we work with what we have and see; Analyzing and rationalizing;
Estimating and compensating; We plan, and think, and plan some more.
We build walls and moats, to keep others far from the ‘trouble’;
Unknowingly creating the setting for the unfurling of the perfect picture.
Because the thing about perfect flaws is that,
They’re designed to evolve to tell a story.
These are matters of the heart and soul.

There comes a point in one’s life when certain decisions must be made;
To accept that Someone does know better, and therefore to break walls
And fill moats; To compensate less and stop hiding;
To stand as a willing actor on the stage set,
And watch with everyone else the evolution of a unique story.
But here comes the conundrum: Evolution is not necessarily a painless process.
Like the walls, other things will get broken, things long protected and fragile.
Like the moat, other things will get filled, things long empty and dry.
There’s the temptation to yearn, for the protection of those walls of old,
When less robust elements are broken again and again and again;
To hide, when an unsightly evolutionary stage is ushered in;
To resist, when the script begins to read like the prelude to torment.
These are matters of the heart, soul, and beyond.

Beyond all these is the matter of gratitude for the miracle of Life.
They say ‘Little drops of water make a mighty ocean’;
May every second that has passed me by be a drop of gratitude;
To God first, and many many times over; Also for and to, all the people
Whose stories He has woven into my script to bring out His Perfect Design.


12 thoughts on “Barely Three Decades: Sights and Sounds in Words

  1. boateng Wendy says:

    Happy birthday Makafui. Beautiful piece and nice ‘flow’ of words. May your life be as beautiful and may this story of yours have a perfect ‘flow’. God bless you. Keep writing

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  2. Good. Curious about the statement:

    “There’s One who is perfect in all things – even in flaws.”

    The thought is God, who has ALL power & All authority, Must be Perfect. Any Being encompassing all power must be perfect otherwise any imperfection will destroy Himself.

    On a very simplistic plane think Space Shuttle Challenger and the Hubble Space Telescope where a minor “flaw” resulted in major catastrophe.

    Just thinking out loud. Maybe misinterpreted your line there. πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks David, it’s great to have you around. Yes, the ‘One’ referred to is God, but no, that line is not to imply that He is flawed or has flaws. Taken in the context of the verse and the piece in general, it’s about a perfect God making seemingly flawed things. I don’t know anyone who can honestly say that we live in a perfect world; and we know what went wrong, to a certain extent. But that does not change the fact God is the Creator and is perfect. Essentially, the point is that what we might see as flaws may just be a matter of limited perspective (inability to see the full picture). Hence the concept of perfect flaws is an allusion to the idea of seeming flaws being embedded in an ultimately perfect design. Please, I hope I’ve answered your question? Do stay blessed.

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  3. Such an amazing piece. Your kind is Rare Joshua. Happy birthday. Just as Joshua was a great leader and his name was written in the great book (Bible),
    So will you be a great leader and your name written in great books around the world.
    You are Great because your God is great.

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  4. I know I’m late here but better late than never? This was such a lovely piece, Joshua. I felt inexplicably at peace just reading it. I needed this today.<3
    And hopefully, I should have that email coming your way soon πŸ˜€

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