Beautiful Dreams

The setting is a long stretch of road
Strewn with pearls and diamonds and rubies.
It smells of freshly baked dainties and ripened fruits;
Bright as the noonday sun and straight as a ray of light
With inscriptions engraved at every step:
Beauty for ashes; No more tears;
Garments of praise; Freedom for lawful captives;
Underneath are the everlasting arms;
The end is the beginning; Paved by Grace;
Voices of triumph; Comforted; Redeemed;
Spoken for; Welcome home; Perfect bride;
The Father’s embrace; Victory’s shout;
Where lambs tread; Wisdom’s lair;
Warriors of faith; Martyr’s reward…

Onward it went, with grander and grander inscriptions
In languages known and unknown, each awe inspiring.
It fades away with a closing caption:
‘A beautiful dream for dark days.’

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