The Place

There’s a place beyond the reach of time;
Where height and depth have no meaning,
Where songs are perfect and worship pure.
It’s the abode of Love in fullness unblemished;
Where language is one and is Light,
And there’s no ignorance to darken counsel.

There’s a place I long for – set like a seal in my heart;
The steps to which are clearly marked out,
But are as elusive as mirages fleshed out by desire;
Each inviting, yet seemingly lacking substance.
It’s fascinating to watch others take those steps and reach that place.
It’s disheartening to watch myself stranded –
Feet sinking deeper because faith falters freely;
Descending to places that should have been long forgotten,
Instead of ascending to the promises set for the future;
Because the past seems infinitely surer than the future
More trustworthy, much more concrete, morbidly appealing –
Not the best, but better than nothing…

There’s a place outside the bounds of space and time;
That calls incessantly but almost silently.
It’s a counter-intuitive call to wait, watch and listen,
And hope to hear what you desire to have, here and now.
But that’s a right recipe for disappointment,
Due to differing value systems – here and there.

This is the place I see when I lift my eyes in faith;
It’s the vision that fights despair with hope every time I blink,
And soothes my frustrations whenever I look through the lens of reason.
It’s a place I long to see with more clarity,
That hope may have more substance to fight with,
And reason be brought to the understanding of things beyond the visible.

#Proverbs 13:12
#Hebrews 11:1

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