Worship is me – good ol’ me, lying late and rising early
Thinking and writing about worship at the break of dawn;
It is you reading my words and reflecting on the nature
Of the worship you’ve offered and desire to offer.

Worship is the rising of the sun and it’s setting – fulfilling its purpose;
It is the orbit of the moon and the dance of tides;
It is the twinkling of the stars and their multitude;
It is the beauty and elegance of the lilies
That King Solomon and his court couldn’t match in their finest finery;

Worship is the birds flying and the rain falling,
And you and I not competing for breath;
It is sleeping and waking up, and the ability to interact
With God, family, friends, colleagues, strangers and objects;
It is the understanding that God is,
And He rewards them that diligently seek Him.

Worship is when I don’t wait to get weak in the knees
Before I go down on them, before the One I trust to supply every need.
It is tailoring every waking moment to reflect the love of God.
It is a mindset, an attitude, a posture, and a lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “Worship

  1. Worship is not limited to the once a week visitation to church. There are many ways to worship our Maker as you’ve rightfully mentioned some. Worship, indeed, is a lifestyle! With every breath, with every step, with every word we can worship Him even in the comfort of our homes. Well penned as always. Do have a blessed weekend!

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