To Those Who Make Words Fail

There is a well from which the thirsty draw,
It is an ancient well that never runs dry;
The abject woe of this generation is that
There are few who know how to draw from this well;
And even fewer who know the value and use of that which they draw.
There are those who draw only to quench fires and thirst;
There are those who draw to nourish themselves and others;
And there are those who teach and encourage others to draw too.

This generation is a desert, growing hotter and drier with each day,
And though this well exists, it seems more and more like a mirage with age;
But there are those who carry this well with them – in them;
They are those who have made the requisite sacrifice to embody this well.
These are those who make words fail, and turn mirages into reality;
These are those who bring refreshing with their presence;
These are those who defy the odds and laws of the desert.

It is a privilege to have such as these amongst us.
…Our gratitude run as deep as the well you carry.

#Rev Dr & Ps Mrs Baah Obeng

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