Sing Me A Song

Thirteen minutes ago, I got a call.
It wasn’t good news, Granny was ill,
And I somehow knew this was going to be the last time.
We spoke over the phone, and she said not to come over;
The voice was Nanny’s voice as I remember it,
But it carried something more now,
A certain weight I couldn’t place,
Though she sounded frail also…it was the strangest thing.
Nanny spoke like I’ve never heard her speak before,
And I listened as if I was in a trance:
She said, “Little one, I’ve watched you grow from a tot to an adult,
And I’m proud of who you’ve become;
You’ve made your fair share of mistakes, some quite painful;
But you always learned your lessons well, and bore your scars with dignity.
I had a dream this night,
And I saw you become what I always prayed you’d be –
A man after God’s heart.
I was so glad that I could only weep…
I hugged you, and prayed for you, and turned to leave,
Because I knew it was my time to go.
But you stopped me and said, ‘Nanny, before you leave, sing me a song.’
I stopped in my tracks, and I did sing you a song, Little one;
But I know that song wasn’t mine, I’d never learnt it anywhere;
But I also know that that song was/is for you, so I sing it again:

Little one, don’t cry, not in despair;
Though the journey be long and arduous,
I’m with you every step of the way.
I understand the pain, I know the afflictions,
I’ve tasted the sorrows and dined with the torments;
And Little one I assure you, you’re able.
So Little one don’t cry, not in despair.

Little one don’t lose faith, not ever;
The times are strange and unfriendly,
But it is a season that will pass,
No matter how long it takes, morning comes.
The tougher the battle, the sweeter the victory,
And victory is assured because I’m with you.
So Little one don’t lose faith, not ever.

Little one, don’t forget to love, never;
It is hard, I know…trust me, I know too well,
But Little one, Love is the greatest, the best;
And nothing great ever came without a cost.
The price of great love is great hurt,
But the prize makes it more than worth it, you’ll see.
So Little one, don’t forget to love, never.

That’s the song Little one;
Remember Nanny loves you.

9 thoughts on “Sing Me A Song

  1. Wow! What a powerful, encouraging, & reassuring song. So many words struck a cord.
    ‘No matter how long it takes, morning comes.’ That one stuck to me…I’ll remember that for a long while. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece with us.
    Please, never stop writing and sharing your gift with the world. I know sometimes the motivation may be lacking, but don’t lose faith…not ever!

    Farewell to Nanny. May she continue to rest on.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, and you’re welcome, Cyn. Glad that it blessed you. This was another difficult one to write, and I was blessed by it too. Thanks for the encouragement, and I pray I’ll always have the grace to write, and the courage to share. Do stay blessed.

      Liked by 1 person

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