The Rising (Fathers)

I’m unqualified to write about fatherhood,
I have enough trouble just being a son;
Yet the thought is one that weighs heavily on the mind…
I realise I’m caught in a cycle where sons become fathers:
How would it feel to have a son today,
Who treats me like I treated my father yesterday,
And treats his son tomorrow like I treat him today – blessing or curse?

Some have diagnosed the fundamental problem of dysfunctional society
To be a problem of fatherhood – an issue of lack and loss.

Sons are born, fathers are made.
Somewhere along the dark paths of history and memory,
The manual to turn sons into worthy fathers
Seems to have been lost, misplaced, or discarded,
With only remnants left, far-flung in space and time.

Society, culture, tradition, education –
Nothing seems quite adequate to make up for the gap.

But I have a dream; It is a dream of a rising of fathers:
A rising of sons into worthy fathers, not just men…
A rising of sons who will seek out for themselves the ancient paths;
For the manual despised and disregarded – cloaked with obscurity;
For the wisdom hidden in a mystery, found in simplicity and sincerity.
A generation that would refuse to settle for less,
Or propagate the lack they experienced or project their pains;
Who will resolve to give more grain and gain than they got,
Showing and teaching their sons to do the same and better;
Who will bring forth and stoke the flames of revival
Of the truth of the redeeming love of fatherhood.

#Happy Father’s Day

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