Soul Song

Sing me a song that sounds like the cry of my soul.
I don’t have the voice or the skill,
But I’ll like to hear my soul’s song outside the confines of my being;
So please, If you can, sing me that song, that keeps stirring me up.
I don’t want to be the only one with these goosebumps,
Or the euphoria and the resonating sympathies of these chords.

There’s a song in my soul – trapped,
A song I cannot communicate with my lips;
A song beyond this plane and place, outside time and space,
It speaks to a part of me I can not see,
Without words it conveys a message undecipherable by my mind.
It causes me to sway dreamily…immersed in a mystery –
Communication at once both clear and obscure.
It is a burning, and it is a cool breeze;
At times it is a rising, a flying, then a drowning;
It is freedom, a libertous exhilaration;
At times it is a constricting heaviness – binding and captivating;
It is a permeating trembling, and it is a paralyzing stiffness.
It speaks of awe and power, grace and judgement,
Life and death, hope, love, faith…translating eternity into instances.
It strings along distresses, pain, fears, loss…
It boasts of a reach far beyond the entirety
Of the complex mixture of all that composes the human condition,
Fully encompassing the farthest reaches and suffocating richness of emotions.
It is a song with a life of it’s own – breathing fire and passion,
With a heartbeat that pulses love…
A love that can only be from the Father’s heart – tough and soft;
A single living song, with a multitude of parts
I cannot even begin to identify, number or classify.
So will you sing me this song?

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