Quote #52

“There are three notable events in the life of any individual: Birth, Death, and Judgement. Birth is joyously celebrated, Death is sad but honoured; both come with a lot of ‘fanfare’, but Judgement seems to be largely ignored; though it is the one event that weighs in the eternal balances, the activities littered between Birth and Death. We must then carry this consciousness, even if it is in the name of selfish self-preservation, that Judgement is as sure and ubiquitous as Birth and Death are; and that it is the solemnest and severest event of life.” – Makafui.

#Hebrews 9:27
#Matthew 12:36
#Hebrews 6:1-2
#Revelations 22:20

2 thoughts on “Quote #52

  1. We often don’t hear much about judgement day. Perhaps, because they think it to be too “dark” or “questionable.” But, like you’ve said, it’s very certain and ubiquitous and in fact, the most important event.
    Thank you for the reminder to be conscious heavy about the severest event of life.

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    • Thanks, Cyn; and you’re welcome. Hmmm, I guess it’s human nature to try to avoid things that could turn unpleasant (to put it mildly), and ‘Judgement’ seems to fall squarely in that hole. I know I would be very apprehensive if I had no assurance whatsoever.

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