“I love the way you smile…
Your teeth are brighter when they show;
The cringes at the edges of your eyes,
And the graceful arch of your lips;
Your heart may be hidden from general view,
But your face reveals the joy therein;
That’s why I love the way you smile.

I love the way your face lights up
When you hear My voice walking in the mists;
When you sense My presence as I descend;
Our rendezvous is anytime you call, wherever you may be;
I know the desire and expectancy in your heart,
But the light on your face reminds Me of Me –
That my breath lingers on in you and cannot be hid –
Not by this earthen mould or this dusty plane.

I love the twinkles in your eyes – the windows to your soul;
I have your soul in My palms, but its light through your eyes
Reminds Me of the stars that I named – beautiful twinkling things,
Unreachable, yet so beautiful…untouchable, yet visible;
Yours is a realm-transcending brightness, unique by design,
Built upon a mystery far beyond the working principles
Of the stars you see; For I wove you as a compendium –
Embodying some of My most exquisite and intricate workings.

I love it when you let Joy bubble up in your heart –
Because it makes you smile,
Causing your face to light up,
Bringing the twinkles to your eyes…
And especially because, then,
I won’t be the only One to enjoy the beauty that I’ve made.”

#Smile…even with a mask on.

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